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The ability to exchange knowledge and wisdom is very valuable.
Mainstream social media platforms do not serve this need well. 
Our intent is to bring together like-minded people and provide a space for networking, thoughtful conversations, and exchange of ideas. 
You can find valuable answers and connect with colleagues from around the world better than you have been able to on other platforms.
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A social networking site for farmers, advisors, educators, agronomists, and anyone in agriculture. Find others with similar interests, share experiences and gain wisdom.

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In the Plant Health Pyramid course, John Kempf describes how plants can become completely resistant to diseases and insects when plant nutrition is managed correctly. 

John describes the different immune processes within plants, passive immunity vs active immunity, and how to manage specific nutrients to shift different physiological processes within plants to produce resistance to different groups of crop pests. 

You can learn more about the Plant Health Pyramid and what others have said here.

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